Keynote Speakers

Félix Garcia

Félix Garcia graduated in Economics from the University of Seville and has a Master’s in Business Administration and Management (MBA) from the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI), Félix García is a founding partner and alma mater of Kimitec, a Spanish cutting-edge biotechnology multinational that has become a world reference in the transition from chemical to natural in the agricultural and food sectors. After working in several companies in the agricultural sector, in 2007 Félix had the revolutionary idea of changing the way of producing food to create a more sustainable food model, as regards health and the environment, but, above all, sustainable for the farmer, through replacement of chemically synthesised compounds with equally effective compounds extracted from nature.

This commitment to research has been the key for a company that began as a small biostimulants plant in Almería to become a high-growth multinational that researches, develops, produces and markets biopesticides, biostimulants, prebiotics and probiotics and is present in over 94 countries. with delegations in the USA, South America, Brazil, and China. To support this disruption, Félix opened the MAAVi Innovation Center in 2019, the largest biotechnological innovation hub in Europe with over 15 years of experience in research into natural sources applied to the agri-food industry which has a unique artificial intelligence platform in the sector called LINNA created to revolutionise the research of natural compounds. Under an Open Innovation 360 model, MAAVi works with major players of the agrochemical industry, large producers, and food companies. With clients such as Bayer, Agroponiente, Frutas Bollo or the chef with three Michelin stars, Ángel León, between 2020 and 2022, Kimitec's turnover soared 151%, going from 19.5 million to 50, and its workforce increased by 222%. This data did not go unnoticed by the financial sector, which is already labelling Kimitec as the next great Spanish unicorn.