Keynote Speakers

Kristian Moeller

Kristian Moeller, Managing Director of GLOBALG.A.P., grew up on a crop farm in Northern Germany. After basic agricultural training on farms in Germany and the UK, he studied Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management at the Universities of Paderborn and Kiel in Germany as well as Purdue University, Indiana, USA. His dissertation was on Risks to Invest into the Central and Eastern European Food Industries. He joined the EHI-EuroHandelsinstitut e.V., Cologne, Germany as Manager European Projects and Senior Consultant Quality Assurance responsible for food, fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. Dr. Kristian Moeller started EUREPG.A.P in 1997 (now GLOBALG.A.P) and has been the organization's Managing Director from its inception. In September 2010, he opened the GLOBALG.A.P. North America Office in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, as founding President.