Global Agrifood: main questions

1. How is it contributing to global economy and social development?

2. According to the United Nations - 10 billion people in 2050 and we must generate 50% more food: How to produce more with less resources? And in a more sustainable and competitive manner?

3. What are the dynamics in the food chain, consumer patterns and education? And the binomial population vs urbanization?

4. Food safety, food waste, food quality and fair trade: Where we are and where to go?

5. How will this be financed?

6. Innovation, data analysis, integration, internet of things, digital and technological evolution: The path of precision farming and efficiencies. What will be the impact on employment opportunities?

7. Climate changes and neutral economy: What will be the impact on food production? How to mitigate and adapt? How to face water availability/shortages?

8. Countryside, healthier/wellness lifestyle, tourism and gastronomy: a reality?

9. Global politics, initiatives and goals?

10. Future and trends? Opportunities and challenges?